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Ulusoydent Ağız ve Diş Sağlığı
01 Harmony of Modern Hypnosis with Dentistry
Ulusoydent Ağız ve Diş Sağlığı
02 Dental Treatment with Hypnosis
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Hypnosis in Dental Treatment

Hypnosis is not a state of sleep, nor is it complete unconsciousness. It is a state where increased awareness develops along with inner communication.

So where does a dentist use hypnosis?

In Dental Phobias;

In cases of dental phobias, where individuals unfortunately delay or postpone their treatments due to fears, a dentist can find a solution using hypnosis. Individuals may endure pain for days without being able to visit the dentist due to their fears, trying to suppress the problem with medications and seeking solutions through methods heard from their surroundings, ultimately continuing to suffer needlessly. However, dental treatments require professional care, and when it comes to fears, whether recent or rooted in the past, a dentist can use hypnosis to provide a solution.

In Various Nauseous Conditions;

If an individual cannot undergo treatments due to the reflex of nausea for any reason, hypnosis can be beneficial.

In Allergic Conditions;

If an individual develops an allergy to local anesthetics used in dental treatments, the dentist can complete dental treatments without medication and pain using a method called hypnoanesthesia. This involves the individual creating their own anesthesia with the guidance of a therapist, without the use of any drugs.

In Pregnant Women;

If the use of anesthesia is problematic during pregnancy, treatments can be completed using hypnoanesthesia.

In Teeth Clenching, Grinding;

Direct suggestion therapy can provide a solution to teeth clenching, and if there is an emotional reason, grinding can be completely eliminated with modern hypnotherapies targeting the source.

In All Surgical Procedures;

When surgical procedures (which could include implant treatments) in dental treatments are combined with hypnosis, patient comfort is maximized. Hypnosis applied before surgery eliminates anxiety. During surgery under hypnosis, the patient is very relaxed, and due to changes in awareness, even if the procedure takes a long time, there is no fatigue. Postoperatively, thanks to the suggestions given during hypnosis, biocompatibility is excellent, and the postoperative process is easily overcome.

Ulusoydent Ağız ve Diş Sağlığı
Ulusoydent Ağız ve Diş Sağlığı

Hypnosis in Dental Treatment Everything You Want to Know

Can unwanted things be done to me while I'm under hypnosis?

Never. A person does not do anything under hypnosis that they do not agree to.

Do we faint during hypnosis?

No. On the contrary, awareness increases.

How do I overcome my fear of the dentist with hypnosis?

Through hypnotherapy, a person identifies the source of their fear. Techniques such as HYT, IBT, GGT, and Repression are applied to bury the person's fear in history.

Does it work for other fears as well?

Hypnotherapy is effective in many phobias such as panic attacks, fear of cats or dogs, fear of flying, and more.

How does numbness occur without using any medication?

With techniques given to the subconscious, a person can create numbness in the desired area on their own. Therefore, hypnoanesthesia can be easily applied in cases of medication allergies and in pregnant women. In fact, many surgeries requiring general anesthesia are performed with hypnoanesthesia.

Who performs hypnosis?

In Turkey, legally trained physicians, dentists, and clinical psychologists who have received hypnosis education can perform hypnosis.

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