Removal Prosthesis

Removable Prosthetics

They are prostheses that are measured and prepared in a laboratory environment like fixed prostheses. They are performed when many teeth are missing or no teeth are left in the mouth. Only removable dentures have not adhered to like fixed dentures. People wear their prostheses again after cleaning and brushing after each meal.


Partial removable prostheses are made in case of a large number of missing teeth. Partial dentures are supported by the teeth and soft tissues left in the mouth.


When all teeth are lost, total removable dentures are made. Since only soft tissues are supported in total dentures, they are more mobile than partial dentures. Therefore, the process of getting used to total dentures is longer than partial dentures. Even with total dentures, people cannot perform some movements at all (such as biting with pre-works).

Removal Prosthesis

All You Wondered About The Treatment

I don't like prostheses, should I never get them done?

If the number of missing teeth is not too high, this may not bother you at all. You will only have problems with chewing along with other losses that occur during the process, your speech may be disrupted, and even your appearance will suffer serious losses. otherwise, it is necessary to have a removable prosthesis in order to avoid problems in the long term.

The prostheses I had made hurt me, I don't want to use them.

Prostheses are made of hard materials, but the mouth is in constant motion. Even with the most ideal measurements taken, not all movements of the chewing muscles can be reflected. Therefore, if there has been a dental change in the wearing process of the newly made dentures or in the mouth, your dentures may hurt. Please go to your dentist and have your dentures checked.