We add value to your smile with aesthetically aligned teeth.


If the teeth are not lined up in the right place in the mouth, problems with aesthetics, function, and phonation occur.


Fixed or removable appliances are used in orthodontic treatments, depending on the size of the problem. With the help of wires, brackets, and tires placed on the necessary teeth, physical forces are applied to ensure that they reach the correct positions in the jaw.


All You Wondered About The Treatment

Why do orthodontic treatments take so long?

While the teeth are pulled to the places where they should be, bone formation is ensured on some surfaces, while bone destruction is targeted in the right places. This is a physiological process and takes time. If these procedures are tried to be done too quickly, the teeth will try to return to their original position, which may result in the failure of orthodontics.

Why are orthodontic treatments so expensive?

Predicting where the bone will form with the forces to be applied to the teeth, using the appropriate apparatus, and giving the appropriate forces to each of them requires a very long and comprehensive knowledge.

The wires are so ugly can I use a transparent appliance?

If your orthodontist recommends that your treatment with transparent appliances would be more appropriate, of course, you can use it.