Oral Diagnosis (Initial Diagnosis)

Diagnosis is the most important stage of treatment.


As in all treatments, early diagnosis is much more important in dentistry. Dentists should be visited regularly every 6 months. During the controls, teeth that do not pose a problem for you yet but that may cause problems in the near future are detected, and then the treatments are completed. Treatments performed in this way are always more comfortable and economical.


When you go to a dentist, the dentist first listens to your complaints and evaluates the findings inside and outside the mouth. After examining all teeth, he takes x-rays when needed and uses vitality tests. He determines and informs the necessary treatments in the light of the obtained findings.


Unfortunately, in our society, the number of people who go to the dentist without pain is very few. When you go with pain, the dentist's options are very few.


  • Please take care of your dentist's checks.
  • Pay attention to the signals your tooth gives you over and over.
  • Do not take painkillers and ignore the problem.
  • Do not suppress the problem by taking unnecessary antibiotics.
  • REMEMBER, your best pain reliever is your dentist!