Laser Assisted Dentistry

Increased comfort with laser dental treatment

Laser Assisted Dentistry

In today's technology, the laser has become frequently used in dentistry. In this way, the patient comfort has increased in the procedures performed, and the negativities that may occur after the procedures have been minimized. So, in which processes can laser be used?

1) Gum Shaping (Gingivectomy - Smile Aesthetics)

If the crown length of the visible tooth on the gum is short or insufficient during speaking or laughing, the visible crown length can be extended by applying the laser to the gum. In this way, a more aesthetic appearance is obtained. In addition, with this method, the inequalities in tooth lengths are also eliminated.

2) Pocket Reduction

The laser can be used to remove gingival pockets that form between the gums and teeth and cause difficulty in cleaning the teeth.

3) Lip tie shaping (Frenectomy)

The ligament in the inner part of the lip is very thick in some people and may cause a gap between the teeth. In these cases, this bond can be shaped with standard methods and laser can also be applied. In laser shaping, there is no bleeding after the procedure, and the pain is minimal. So comfort is good.

4) Biostimulation

The laser applied to the extraction site accelerates the healing of the tissue.

5) Bleaching (Teeth Whitening)

When the solution used for bleaching is supported by a laser, the opening becomes faster and more permanent.