Beautiful smiles with aesthetic teeth.


They are titanium screws placed in appropriate places in the jawbone in order to restore function, aesthetics, and phonation to replace teeth lost for any reason. After the implants are placed in the necessary places with appropriate surgical methods, they act as the roots of the lost teeth.

The treatment is completed by making fixed (it can be metal or zirconium-supported porcelain) or removable prostheses on the implants.


All You Wondered About The Treatment.

Is implant application a painful procedure?

No. After local anesthesia is applied to the area where the implant will be applied, you will not feel any pain during the procedure.

Will I have problems after the implant?

Since the procedure is a surgical procedure, it is important to follow the doctor's recommendations after the treatment. Which is not much different from what you need to follow after any dental treatment, such as not eating anything for a few hours, keeping your mouth clean, using your medications.

Can I get my tooth as soon as my implant is made?

No. Your permanent prosthesis is not made until the implant placed in the bone completes the process of osseointegration with the bone. In this process, your dentist may make a fixed or removable temporary prosthesis for the missing area.

Should I choose an expensive implant?

There are many different brands of implants on the market. It is important to apply the right implant to the right place with the right surgical methods without getting too attached to the brand.