Impacted Teeth

It is our job to take care of your teeth that may cause problems...

Impacted Teeth

In the mixed dentition period, the 20 upper teeth are replaced by permanent teeth at regular intervals. The other 12 teeth erupt from the back as the jaw expands at the ages of 6, 12, and 20. Sometimes, however, when jaw development and tooth development do not go parallel or their positions are different, the last remaining wisdom teeth cannot find a place in the jaw and erupt.


Wisdom teeth that are completely embedded in the bone can remain there for life. It could only go over the bone and drive a little, but it could not go over the gum completely. Wisdom teeth can cause problems. Such half impacted wisdom teeth should be removed from the mouth.


If the procedure is not performed, frequent infections may develop in that area. Cysts may form on the roots of teeth that have not erupted. Depending on the position of the impacted tooth, it can cause caries in the adjacent teeth, and finally, it can cause crookedness by compressing all the teeth forward. Apart from wisdom teeth, especially upper canines or lower premolars, which can often be impacted, should also be extracted if needed.