Flab Operation

Expert hands in your advanced gum disease...

Flab Operation

If the bone loss due to dental calculus has reached a very advanced stage, the tools used prevent reaching these areas. In this case, the gums are opened under anesthesia and the infected tissues in the roots are cleaned. Autogenous or synthetic grafts are applied to increase bone formation where necessary. Oral care after treatment is very important.

Flab Operation

All You Wondered About The Treatment

What happens if I don't have the operation?

Since those areas on the root surfaces cannot be cleaned, the problem continues to progress and you may experience early tooth loss.

I'm not sure I can clean my teeth well. Should I still have this treatment?

Oral care after the operation becomes much more important. If the cleaning to be done with both a toothbrush and an interdental brush will be interrupted, do not have this treatment at all. Let your teeth fall out early.

Will my gums return to their original state after the operation?

Bleeding in your gums goes away and new cleanable areas are formed between the teeth, but the gums do not completely return.