Get sleepless nights behind with root canal treatment.


When caries on the teeth progress too far, throbbing pains that start with the effect of hot or cold, do not sleep at night. Root canal treatment is a treatment for not pulling teeth. There are channels inside each tooth that provide nourishment. The blood vessels and nerves in these channels are removed, disinfected, and filled with special tools after local anesthesia is applied to the teeth. Since the internal structure of the teeth is very variable, sometimes we may not be able to reach the desired areas exactly, which may cause the root canal treatment to fail and the teeth to be pulled out.


All You Wondered About The Treatment

I have pain in my tooth, I'm afraid, won't painkillers solve my problem?

You can drink. However, go to the dentist as soon as possible and get examined, and learn about your teeth. Your problem will continue to increase.

What if I take antibiotics but don't go to the dentist?

The antibiotic you will take for your tooth that has not yet become infected will not benefit you and will complicate the treatment process.

I hear from my environment that there is a lot of pain during root canal treatment. Is this true?

Before root canal treatment, your tooth is anesthetized. Once your tooth is sufficiently numb, your treatment begins and the procedure is painless.

I'm also afraid of getting an injection, wouldn't it be okay if they put me to sleep but treat me like that?

Of course, it does. You can also have your treatments done under general anesthesia. However, general anesthesia is a much more expensive procedure and the possibility of side effects during the procedure is higher. You will also have an injection in your arm for general anesthesia.

My tooth that had root canal treatment broke. What should I do?

Since these teeth are not nourished, water loss occurs over time and they become brittle. In addition, in general, root canal-treated teeth have been destroyed a lot. It has huge fillings on it. Ideally, root canal-treated teeth are protected with crowns.

An abscess formed in my tooth that I had root canal treatment. I wonder if my treatment was not done well?

Root canal treatments are very variable for dentists since the internal structures of the teeth are very variable, imaging systems are insufficient, etc. It is a very difficult treatment. No matter how ideal conditions are made, there is a possibility of abscess development in these teeth and this probability is higher in posterior molars.

What is retreatment?

We can say that root canal treatment is performed when problems occur in the root of the root canal treatment. The system is very similar to root canal treatment in general. However, the newest tools and the most recently developed drugs are used. For this reason, it is quite costly.