Composite Filling

Are you ready to replace dental caries with fillings?


When teeth decay, cavities are materials that are removed from the tooth and replaced with lost tooth tissue.


The lifespan of fillings may vary depending on the diet, the size of the filling, and brushing habits. While filling, a number of agents are used to minimize the gap between the tooth and the filling and to reduce the tooth's susceptibility to secondary caries. No matter how ideal filling is made, the gap between the tooth and the filling cannot be reset and the tooth may decay from this opening. For this, dental check-ups are very important.

Composite Filling

All You Wondered About The Treatment

My teeth don't hurt; why should I have a filling?

When you have pain in your teeth, the treatments that can be done are limited, your tooth may have to be extracted.

Is filling a painful process?

No. After applying local anesthesia to your tooth to be filled, you will not feel any pain in the procedure.

I have fillings made many years ago. My dentist says they need to be replaced. Should I trust?

Depending on the condition secondary caries may occur under the filling, eating habits, tooth brushing habits, surface properties of the filling, etc., over time. It is beneficial to change the fillings before they reach the stage of pain.

Amalgam fillings are said to be harmful. How true is that?

Amalgam is an alloy of various metals such as lead, copper, iron. Amalgam can be used as a filling after mixing with mercury. Many studies have been conducted on the fact that mercury and other metals in amalgam may be harmful to the body. Although there is no definitively proven information in these studies, many dentists do not prefer amalgam because of the possibility that the claims may be true and because alternative composite fillings to amalgam have developed a lot.

How long after my filling can I eat?

You can eat immediately in composite fillings. The light used provides hardening at that moment. In amalgam fillings, you should not eat for a few hours and do not use that side that day.

Can I chew gum with my filling?

Of course, you chew. Just like you shouldn't break a hazelnut shell with your teeth, don't break it with your fillings either.