Let's beat your teeth grinding habit together


We all grind our teeth from time to time due to some personal and social situations. Collisions in the mouth, missing teeth, and early contact can cause us to clench our teeth. However, sometimes they continue to grind their teeth, especially at night, even when there is no problem with their teeth. When they wake up, their jaws are tired, as if they have been chewing gum all morning. Sometimes, when squeezing the handles with force, their teeth may crack and their jaws may be damaged.


To get rid of this situation, transparent plaques are prepared. The prepared plaque is put on at night. Since the teeth are transparent plaque, the teeth are not damaged, the muscles cannot be tightened too much, so the joint is not damaged. However, this situation is not permanent. The problem recurs when the plate is not installed.


Botox applications are the newest method that can be applied to get rid of the habit of clenching teeth (BRUKSIZM). Botox causes a temporary loss of strength in the muscles. With a single dose of Botox, which is suitable for the chewing muscles, the muscles cannot be tightened enough, in this process, people can get rid of the habit of clenching their teeth.


The procedure is painless and has no side effects.