Bleaching (Teeth Whitening)

White teeth, perfect smiles.

Bleaching (Teeth Whitening)

Tea, coffee, cigarettes consumed during the day in today's eating habits cause permanent stains on the teeth. These stains can be removed with a standard tooth cleaning procedure. Sometimes the natural color of the teeth may be dark.


Teeth whitening is applied to lighten these structural dark colors. Natural tooth color can be lightened by 1-2 tones with chemicals applied on the teeth without requiring any anesthesia. If the process is supported by a laser, the opening will be faster and more permanent.


Bleaching (Teeth Whitening)

All You Wondered About

Does whitening damage teeth?

Since chemicals are used very controlled and carefully, there is no harm. There may be a slight sensitivity in the teeth for the first few hours.

What should I do after the procedure?

The consumption of tea and coffee used for two weeks should be reduced. If sensitivity occurs, desensitizing toothpaste can be used.

Is the treatment expensive?

Yes. The whitening agents used are costly.