Smile Design

Smile Design

Facial beauty is accepted as a complete whole. Eye, eyebrow and eyelash harmony and the ratio of the nose to the face are important. In this context, mouth structure and teeth come to the fore for beautiful smiles.

It is a priority to intervene and provide the necessary treatments for gingival recessions as a result of asymmetric disorders in the teeth, gum diseases, gum recession or weakening of the dental bone, before smile design.

In this sense, after the underlying problems are resolved, the application phase is started by providing a smile design suitable for the mouth and jaw structure. Smile design has recently become widely preferred for both oral health and appearance aesthetics. Smile designs are personalized. Because everyone's mouth and jaw structure is different.


What is Smile Design?

Oral health includes teeth, gum health, the ratio of teeth to the oral structure, diagnosis and treatment of dental and gum diseases. In this sense, with the elimination of tooth and gum problems, some interventions are provided for smile design. For example, for beautiful smiles, practices are carried out to ensure that the teeth are aligned properly and the color of the teeth is white and spotless.

In order for the smile design to be used as it was on the first day for many years, first of all, dental treatments such as bridges or dental braces must be carried out correctly and within the framework of international standards. The tooth depends on the health of the gums that support it and have smooth teeth.

If any disorder is detected in the mouth structure and lip areas, it should be evaluated under the title of oral aesthetics. If there is a problem with the bones in the jaw structure, jaw surgery specialists apply diagnosis, treatment and methods to strengthen the basis for smile design.


Aesthetic Smile Design

It is known as the applications performed by dentists who are experts in aesthetic smile design. In this context, if the patient is disturbed by his or her own tooth structure, first of all, the existing disorders are treated, and then an aesthetic smile design is carried out in accordance with the patient's mouth structure.

Aesthetic smile design is an important application that requires multiple disciplines. For this reason, such applications must be performed by expert dentists and in full-fledged dental clinics or hospitals.

Smile design, in other words, is defined as a personalized design resulting from the combination of dental techniques and personalized aesthetic moves. What needs to be taken into consideration here is to capture the teeth and the most natural form of the smile. In this sense, rehearsals must be carried out carefully during application.


How is Smile Aesthetics Done?

In order to have an aesthetic smile design, it is first necessary to solve the problems and diseases on the existing teeth and gums. Smile design is unthinkable for teeth that are not healthy. For this reason, first diagnosis and then treatment methods are applied respectively.

- In order to realize the smile design, a preliminary interview with the patient and an oral examination must be carried out. After diagnosing and treating the problems that need to be treated as a result of the oral and dental examination, the necessary measurements for dental aesthetics suitable for the patient's mouth structure are taken in the computer environment.

Again, after the specialist dentist explains to the patient how the smile design should be, a somewhat long process will need to be completed until the restoration procedures and the application of temporary teeth.

- Whatever the structure of the mouth and teeth requires is prioritized. If there are teeth and gums, orthodontic treatment should be performed. If no treatment is needed and the teeth are healthy, then gum disorders should be considered.

The gum is the basis of the teeth. The dental bone, called the root that holds the teeth, must be durable . If the patient has dental bone or gum problems, priority should be given to infrastructure work and treatment.

- After all the underlying problems have been treated, mouth and teeth measurements are taken and aesthetic smile design application is started by applying implants or other methods suitable for the bone structure.

- Aesthetic smile design is a somewhat long process that requires patience. Mouth measurements are taken and teeth suitable for the patient's mouth structure are made as porcelain, veneer, or implant, and if any, a new tooth is made to replace the missing tooth. It takes a certain period of time for the mouth and bone to accept this tooth. In this context, checks and examinations should not be skipped.

- As a result of all these procedures, tooth cleaning, plaque cleaning and gum cleaning are performed, and then the teeth whitening application and aesthetic smile design applications will be completed.


Zirconium Smile Design

Zirconium teeth provide more natural and whiter teeth than other crown teeth due to their high light-transmitting properties. Zirconium tooth feature is expressed by the coating tooth feature similar to natural teeth. Zirconium teeth adapt to the gums compared to porcelain teeth and ensure that you have healthy teeth and smiles for many years.


Smile Design Before-After

If there is a disproportionate condition in the patient's previous teeth and gums and the dental bones that need treatment before the smile design is made, it will disrupt the certain integrity of the lips and smile. Oral structure also forms the basis of healthy teeth and smile aesthetics.

If we look at the visible changes after the smile design in detail, first of all, the proportionality of the straight teeth during the smile within an aesthetic appearance without the entire palate being visible is proof that the correct smile design has been made.


Smile Design Price

In case of smile design along with diagnosis, treatment and other methods applied by specialist dentists to their patients, average prices vary depending on the interventions performed. In this sense, prices range from 1500 TL to 40,000 TL on average. The point to be considered here should be the quality and care in the materials and application to be used in the correct price analysis.

In addition, the practices carried out are of serious importance for health. For this reason, it is very important to choose health institutions and authorized dentists, examinations and clinics. Otherwise, irreversible negative situations may occur and life-threatening situations may occur. If we talk about the methods that affect the prices in smile design;

- Gum aesthetics have an important place in smile design. Gum aesthetics is referred to under the title of Pink aesthetics. It includes the arrangements in the palate and gums.

- The application called coating; It is defined as the repair of damaged teeth on the gums or the making of veneered teeth.

- Porcelain; In addition to veneered teeth, porcelain teeth can be preferred for healthier and whiter smiles. Porcelain teeth are a method that causes as little wear as possible on the gums. It is frequently preferred.

- Zirconium dental application is frequently preferred to have a natural smile and to use the teeth in their most natural state for many years.

All of these application options vary according to wide price ranges.

Zirconium Smile Design Prices

Zirconium, which is frequently preferred among smile design applications, starts around 350-370 EURO as a result of the material used and meticulous applications in smile design. Additional treatments or teeth whitening applications will change the price in this sense.