Orthodontics is the general name given to treatments for mouth and jaw disorders. It is one of the treatment methods developed to eliminate crooked teeth and dental disorders. There are large and small scale orthodontic treatments. Treatment at an early age also eliminates future problems.

The field of treating tooth curvatures and teeth overlapping problems is known as orthodontics. If this treatment is done at a young age, it also eliminates jaw and face disorders. In this way, speech disorders, mouth covering and eating disorders are eliminated.


What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics, one of the departments of dentistry, is responsible for treating tooth defects and jaw disorders seen in many people. In this way, this problem experienced by people with congenital jaw structure defects due to teeth is eliminated. Facial disorders can occur both congenitally and later.

Orthodontic treatments are needed in this area. In order to give the teeth an ordered and smooth form, the curvatures are corrected with the use of wires. Likewise, extra teeth in the jawbone are removed to give a more aesthetic appearance.

Dental orthodontics was developed for the treatment of damaged teeth in the jaw. As a result of the examination of the patient, problems are identified and a treatment plan is drawn accordingly. Teeth that create structural defects in the mouth also negatively affect speaking and eating.

All these dental problems are handled by orthodontists. Doctors who specialize in dental orthodontics develop personalized braces treatment to eliminate curvatures in the teeth. Depending on the use of braces and palate, the structures of the teeth create an aesthetic appearance.What is Orthodontics for?

Orthodontic treatment is one of the types of treatment developed to eliminate tooth defects in the mouth in a short time. With this treatment, it is aimed for people to have a self-confident attitude  in social life. The duration of orthodontic treatments varies depending on the person.

In cases of more damaged tooth structures and curvilinear disorders, treatment may take approximately 1 year. As a result of the treatment, the teeth gain a more aligned and smoother appearance. At the same time, the person begins to act much more comfortably and healthily while talking and eating.


What Does Orthodontics Mean?

One of the treatment methods used for people with crooked teeth is called orthodontics. Orthodontic treatments are one of the situations that may occur later. Structural disorders occur in the teeth due to a person breaking a tooth or not paying attention to oral hygiene.

One of the treatment programs to be applied to teeth to eliminate these disorders is orthodontics. During these treatments, all the teeth in the patient's mouth are examined one by one. Then, damaged and crooked teeth are determined. Extraction, braces or palate treatment is performed on those teeth.


Orthodontic Prices

One of the oral and dental problems experienced today is curvature. Many people experience speech disorders due to excessive teeth growing in their jawbone. Likewise, crooked and crossed teeth are one of the main causes of eating disorders.

For this reason, orthodontic treatments are applied. Orthodontic prices vary from patient to patient. With this treatment performed under the supervision of a specialist doctor, a treatment plan is drawn up depending on the damage to the patient's teeth. In this way, the orthodontic price is determined and transferred to the person.


Difference between Dentist and Orthodontist

Many patients are curious about the differences between a dentist and an orthodontist. The field of orthodontics is one of the different fields of dentistry. People who have received special training and expertise in this field write the appropriate treatment program for patients.

Dentistry is a general field. For this reason, treatment is recommended for people who have expertise in the field of orthodontics. People who receive 4 years of orthodontic training within the 5-year dentistry department are called orthodontists. It is known as a branch that deals only with orthodontic disorders of patients.

Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatments are sometimes performed using wires and sometimes without wires. Fixed wires or removable wires are used. This situation is completely determined by the treatment process planned by the doctor. A wire is prepared to fit the patient's mouth and tooth structure.

In addition, fixed wires remain in the mouth for the period specified by the doctor. These braces ensure that the teeth are aligned more regularly and aesthetically on the jawbone. The person can achieve the smooth look he/she wants with fixed braces.


Orthodontic Doctor

The orthodontist first examines the patient and determines which teeth are damaged. In general, if there is a disorder in the mouth, it is recommended to wear fixed braces on the teeth. In addition, in advanced stages of treatment, the doctor uses special wires that can be attached and removed instead of fixed wires.

It is also recommended by orthodontic doctors to wear a palate while lying down in order to prevent the teeth from slipping again and preventing their structure from being damaged. Orthodontic treatment is very important for people to feel better in their social life, especially their oral and dental health.


Orthodontic Treatment Prices

Many patients are curious about orthodontic treatment and the prices of this treatment. The treatment price is determined entirely by the doctor and the patient's damaged tooth structure. At the same time, orthodontic prices also vary for long-term or short-term treatments.

People who want to get a quote for orthodontic treatment should first have an examination and check-up by a specialist in this field. It is also possible to have information about the price of the treatment process specified by the doctor. One of the most important problems for dental health is eliminated with this treatment.


How Long Does Orthodontic Treatment Take?

Orthodontic treatments and processes are one of the most curious topics. The process of this treatment is prolonged and shortened only by the patient paying attention to the doctor's recommendations and taking good care of his teeth. Oral hygiene is one of the most important points for people who want a faster recovery.

Tooth extractions and the use of fixed braces to eliminate dental disorders take up to 2 years in total. While the treatment period is 6 months for patients in better condition, it can take up to 2 years for teeth with more damage. During this process, the patient needs to be more sensitive and attentive.


How is Orthodontic Treatment Done?

Orthodontic treatments begin with the extraction of distorted and crooked teeth in the mouth. Following these shots, implant treatments are applied to the patient in the mouth if necessary. At the same time, braces and palate treatment are also one of the most important points.

Patients need orthodontic treatments not only for aesthetic problems but also for healthy speaking and eating. For this treatment, a treatment plan that depends entirely on the patient is prepared. The treatment is completed with tooth extraction, installation of fixed braces, and subsequent use of removable wires.


Orthodontic Jaw Treatment

Jaw treatment in orthodontics is as important as the teeth. Jaw treatment is applied to make the person more self-confident and to prevent the mouth structure from moving in a way that strains the facial features while speaking.



Invisalign, or clear plaque treatment, one of the orthodontic treatment options, offers an aesthetic solution for patients who are uncomfortable with the appearance of metal wires. Tooth disorders can be treated by gradually using a variety of transparent aligners prepared specifically for the individual.