Dental Treatment with Hypnosis

Dental Treatment with Hypnosis

The purpose of anesthesia used in dental treatments is to ensure that people do not feel pain during treatment. Many dentists can perform treatments on children without using anesthesia. The secret is that children can focus much easier than adults. While the child is focused on his favorite cartoon, the tooth is treated without any anesthesia.

However, milk teeth are alive just like permanent teeth. Milk teeth, like permanent teeth, cause sleep-disturbing pain, but they can still be treated without anesthesia. Focusing on something else that provides this may occur later in adults. If fear is involved, it is almost impossible to focus.

However, in our daily lives we easily focus on other things. For example, we do not hear the sound of the door while watching TV, or we bump our arm against something while running in a hurry and do not feel any pain. People who have had an accident express with astonishment that they realized they were injured only after they realized that their child was safe, and that's when the pain started.

If attention is distraction by various (hypnomeditative) methods in dental treatment, nausea will not occur, blood pressure will be brought to normal, and even numbness can be created and treatments can be performed without medication.


How To?

Anesthesia with hypnosis Hypnoanesthesia can be created in 30% of the population in the first session. But sometimes several sessions may be required. After the person is hypnotized (focusing on something else is sufficient for this), suggestions are given that there will be numbness in the hand. Once the numbness begins, the tooth to be treated is anesthetized by guiding the person who can carry it to any place in the body.


Who is Hypnoanesthesia Applied to?

Anyone who wishes can have dental treatments performed using hypnoanesthesia by a dentist who practices hypnosis.

This feature of hypnosis is a savior, especially for people with drug allergies, since no medication is used.

In addition, since the use of medication in pregnant women is limited due to possible side effects, hypnoanesthesia, which has no side effects, may be preferred.


Why is it preferred in surgical procedures (implants)?

It is very easy to recover from the surgical procedure after the healing suggestions that can be given during hypnosis.